Khadijatul Kubra
Girls Public School

Phone : +91-11-26982962

Admission Process



  •  Normally admission to Khadijatul Kubra Girls Public School is in 1st. Admission to other classes usually in the month of March depends on vacancy available.
  • The age group of the students for the admission would be :
To Class I 5+ (as on 31st March) and so on.
  •  The final decision regarding admissions would be taken after interviewing the successful candidates as well as their parents/guardians.
  • There would be no discrimination in admissions on the basis of religion, caste or creed. The decision regarding admissions would be taken on merit and the availability of seats. The Admission Committee will have all the right to reject any candidate for admission.
  •  Signature of both the parent must be given on admission form.
  •  The Principal is final authority in all matters of admission of individual student in the school.


  • If the child has to be withdrawn from school, parents are requested to give one calendar month’s notice in writing, failing which, one month’s fee will be charged in lieu thereof. Exception may be made in case of sudden transfer of government or military personnel.
  •  Those who leave school after 10th April must pay fee for the month of April.
  • Those who apply after 30th April are liable to pay 3 months tuition fee.
  • Transfer certificate for children withdrawn are not issued until all dues are settled.
  • Students can be asked to leave the school on grounds:  
    a. Disciplinary 
    b. Non-payment of fees


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