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Girls Public School

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Curriculum of Khadijatul Kubra Girls Public School



At KKGPS we are proud to offer a curriculum that caters to the individual needs of students. It is innovative, flexible and incorporates the rigor and academic quality that we believe education should strive for, From the point of view of curriculum design and teacher preparation schooling is divided into three 'stages' i.e  Primary School (Classes I to V), Middle School (Classes VI to VIII), Secondary School (Classes IX & X)
The break-up of schooling into these three stages extends far beyond mere administrative convenience, as these stages have developmental validity. Describing the characteristics and concerns of the curriculum, pedagogy and assessment in stages allows tailor made syllabi, textbooks and learning resources. It enables teachers to plan for children's development and the gradual and cumulative deepening of abilities, competencies and concepts


Primary Curriculum



The period of primary school (from Class I to Class V) marks the formal introduction of the child to reading, writing, arithmetic and environmental studies. This period of five years is one of tremendous cognitive development; shaping reason, intellect and social skills.
The syllabus becomes more broad-based at this level and gradually the young learner is exposed to a wide range of subjects and study material which is suitably graded in accordance with the NCF. Apart from Math, English, Hindi, , E.V.S. and Computer Education subjects like General Knowledge are also taught. As early as class I, students learn to work on computers in the Multimedia Lab which has been specially equipped to meet the needs of the young learners. Holy Quran and islamiat are very important part of curriculum. From class III onwards, the school offers the students Social Studies and Science. The school offers urdu as Third Language. Last but not the least in order to inculcate moral values and general awareness among students, interactive sessions are held in the classes.
The teaching of all the subjects is done by using Smartboards. This audio-visual method makes learning a joyful experience for students.


Middle Curriculum



From Class VI to class VIII the curriculum of all academic subjects as well as a variety of co-curricular activities encourages creativity, aesthetics, and adventure. All students study English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology), Social Studies (History, Civics, and Geography), Arabic and third language (Urdu). Co-curricular activities include Socially Useful & Productive Work i.e Art, Physical & Health Education and Computer Education.
The Middle School Program helps the young adolescent establish his new found independence. The curriculum engages students in critical thinking, problem solving and for developing independent opinion that caters to different learning styles. We encourage them to get involved with the community and take action so as to help them grow and become responsible citizens. The school believes in an environment of stress free yet joyful learning through a continuous comprehensive system of evaluation of activities and projects in academic learning


Secondary School Curriculum



The Secondary School supports students identify their potential as they prepare to enter the world of work and responsibility. The curriculum is designed to appreciate and acknowledge students for their creativity, research skills and they grow to be discerning young adults with values and principles that contribute to community and the environment.
The serendipity of learning from Field Trips is incorporated into the curriculum. The curriculum is designed and woven to nurture individualized personals.
At this level we offers five main subjects English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science and Social Science apart from this we offers Additional subject(Urdu). Students are intact with computer education at this level also. In the process of learning and self motivation, the students evolve as discerning young adults with values and Principles that contribute to community and the environment.


With a vibrant learning environment to think and explore.