Khadijatul Kubra
Girls Public School

Phone : +91-11-26982962

Mission & Vision


The sole objective of the school is to provide girls the best possible education available anywhere around the region in an Islamic environment by adopting supportive teaching techniques conveyed by qualified teachers. The school welcomes Non-Muslim students too in its educational network without discriminating them on the basis of religion, community, caste or creed so that they may get friendly with Islamic culture and society and develop a spirit of toleration and brotherhood to promote composite culture in the country.



  1. To provide formal education but also to develop the child into a complete responsible person.
  2. To nurture the student’s personality towards the best moral conduct, Islamic attitudes and self - discipline in accordance with the curriculum.
  3. To work together with the Parents in providing a friendly, thoughtful, stimulating environment in which the students are encouraged to reach their full potential.
  4. To inculcate all these characteristics in children which would make them a law abiding, responsible and sincere citizen.
  5. To bring out and sharpen the natural capabilities and to give them an Islamic orientation apart from making them strong physically, mentally and spiritually
  6. To empower students to live a life full of gratitude towards the creator of one and all, in the manner that the Quran and Allah’s messenger (SAW) have prescribed.
  7. To imbue a sense of national and (Milli) concern so that they may become good citizens of our nation and Millat and serve for society and country to the best of their abilities


With a vibrant learning environment to think and explore.